BE.U has new innovative technologies that provide non-invasive treatments that are a safe alternative to those offered in the medical industry today.


BE.Spoke Facials

BE.U is offering bespoke BEAUTY treatments that bring out the best in YOU. Offering tailored treatments to suit your individual needs, with Unique outcomes.

Stunning Services

Pollogen's solutions yield immediate skin tightening results and long term rejuvenation. these treatments are non-invasive, simple, pain free; and a convenient 'walk in walk out' procedure which will not have effects on daily life

Anti Wrinkle Treatment & Fine line reduction

By combining science & nature; using state of the art mechanisms and natural plant based products, the skin will penetrate active ingredients and nutrients which will boost healthy looking skin

supporting Treatments

Research has found that LED light therapy has a major impact on how how the light energy has a positive effect on skin cells. It targets the dermis layer of the skin and has multiple benefits and anti - ageing

Natural Facials

By using naturally derived alternatives, the skin can absorb gentle products that help fight bacteria, dryness and lacklustre skin. Plant based skin care can repair the skin by combining the properties and boosting the natural healing process.
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